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Tandem Pump Clip

Tandem Pump Clip

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Made of lightweight durable stainless steel, the Nite Ize HipClip is a simple, sturdy spring-tension clip that comes backed with a thin strip of 3M®'s patented VHB® adhesive. Affix it to the back of your cell phone, mp3 player, or almost any lightweight item with a smooth flat surface, and you have instant "clip-ability."

The perfect choice for people who want to keep their mobile device at their side but without the added weight and bulk of a holster. The HipClip attaches to pockets, waistbands, and belts, interior compartments of purses, backpacks, and briefcases. Your device stays safely and securely in place.

Clip can be used with or without the Silicone case that is also available from HERE 

We are in the process of filming a video to show how to apply the clip to the pump when using the case, we recommend you REMOVE the cartridge before applying the clip to the device to ensure it sits in the correct place. 


  • Fits most mobile devices such as phones, MP3 players, or digital cameras.
  • Can be affixed to any hard-shell case or accessory you can think of and want to keep handy.
  • 3M® VHB® adhesive is incredibly durable - you can have 100% confidence that the clip will stay firmly in place.
  • Stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 2.54" x 0.50" x 0.30" | 64.72mm x 12.87mm x 7.76mm
  • Weight: 0.30oz | 8.00g


Clip is designed to be applied directly to the back of the pump, do NOT try and stick it to the silicone case as it will NOT adhere and will ruin the adhesive on the clip. If using a silicone case please put the case on the pump first.

For ease of application of the clip, apply new clip during a site change.

  • Remove the cartridge from the pump
  • Remove the backing from the clips adhesive
  • While holding the silicone case away from the pump slightly slide the clip into place on the back of the pump and press firmly.
  • Ensure that the clip is sitting flat on the pump and not covering the cartridge space or blocking the speaker.

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