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10 Pack Dexcom G6 Oval Patch with Overtape

10 Pack Dexcom G6 Oval Patch with Overtape

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Dexcom won't stick? Or are you getting the Dexcom Rash? RockaDex - USA is here to help with our newest and most secure Dexcom G6 patch! Making sure your Dexcom G6 stays in place can be a hard task regardless of whether you are a child or fully grown adult, so we have created this Dexcom patch with overtape to securely hold your G6 sensor in place for longer.

Our oval patches with overtape are made from RockTape (medical tape) and will keep your CGM secure and help them to stay stuck on for longer. Our tape is hypoallergenic and latex, zinc free, making these not only the smartest choice for every Dexcom user, but comfortable for those with sensitive skin.

Dexcom Sensors are designed to be replaced every 10 days and our tape is the best way to make this happen. You should replace your patch with each sensor, to ensure your Dexcom is safe and secure and our outrageous designs means you can mix and match or pick a color that is perfect for you!

Our Dexcom patches are available in a range of colors or simply pick the boy or girl mix and we will supply you with a range of colors for the diabetic champion in your life.

If you are looking for a patch with an extra sticky adhesive, then select from the H20 tape (black in color), or our red, lime pattern and horseshoe options. This overtape option is the strongest option for sensor/transmitter security on the market and with thousands of users around the world using our Dexcom tape designs, you can trust that we have designed these to work perfectly with people of all ages.

Included in this package

  • 10 x Dexcom G6 oval 4” patches with overtape in any single color or mix pack (boy or girl colors)


  • Works with Dexcom G6 CGM
  • Includes an overtape strip to more securely hold your G6 in place
  • Secure your CGM for the full 10 day sensor life
  • Bling your skin with our outrageous or plain color options
  • Save the tears and time to re-secure CGMs to your diabetic champion
  • Select H20 black tape or red/lime pattern/horseshoe options for stickier tape

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